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My name is Maziyar, I'm 40 years old from Tehran, Iran.
My Wife and I have recently decided to move to Tallinn to settle down and start a new life, but prior to making any move, we'd like to get know more about the beautiful Country of Estonia/Tallinn, its culture & people the life style and finally is it a good decision to move to Estonia for living, run a small business and be happy.
Our main reason to move to Estonia is our new born Son, we want him to grow in a clean and safe environment with good perspectives.
So, I'd be really grateful to you all, if you'd share your experiences with me and consult us  whether we are making a right decision or not!!!

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Estonia very small country, there are very few immigrants. Very quiet and sparsely populated country, almost all speak English.

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Did you move? Could you please tell me about the country living cost and the society


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