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Hi I have been offered 9000 rm for business intelligence analyst. They said u 'll have 28 per tax for 180 days and after ward's it 'll b 6-8  per tax and cost of living is around 2000 rm. Let me know it's good offer for 8 yrs exp.They said u can save up to 60000 per month.Currently in india I m getting 60000 thousand Sal n saving to 50000.let me know this good offer and I m confused to a accept or not?provide  suggestions

Tax thing is true. Cost of living depends on many factors.. Rent for eg in good area would be approx 2500-3000 family accommodation.
Add another 400 for utilities. Food would be approx 1200 for 2 pax.  Medical would be another cost if your company is.not.providing for.

Thanks saurabh  so over living cost 'll b max 3000 and tax 2600 rm max as per 28 per tax. So saving 'll b 4000 rm so inr it's 60000 . Accepting this offer good ?

Housing - 2500 approx
Utilities - 400 approx
Food - 1200approx
Total - 4000 approx
Salary - tax for first 182 days - 6480
Saving - 2480 per.month for 182 days.
After 182 days for remaining months in that fy tax would be saving would be 9000-4000= 5000

Tax is not nil after 182 days. It continues to be deducted at the new stepped rates. There will be a tax rebate possible, after submitting annual tax return yearly in March, if too much paid.

He will be paying higher tax for first 182 days and when he becomes resident his annual tax liability will already be less than what he has paid in those 182 days and hence up to that year end he won't be charged any tax I guess.

Obviously for next year he will be charged as per slab for resident

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