how long it takes to get the family visa?

hi guys,
this is reza abedi from india. i have been offered a job in muscat, oman. i am in india now & will be moving to oman later this month. can u please tell me how long it takes to get my employment visa  stamped & immediately can i apply for my family visa? i really want to know the time it takes to bring my family to oman.

Hi reza.abedi14,

The forum is full of extremely useful information for newbies like yourself.

So I would urge you to please read through the various topics of discussions to get an excellent idea of what it is to live as an expatriate in Oman.

A new expatriate employee has to wait for 3-months before he is eligible for applying for the family joining visa.

thanks sumitran..

You have to wait for 3 months, from then you can apply family visa. Processing time depends on your PRO

        I got recruited by xyz medical long they will take to send offer letter

Hi Mohammed Azheruddin Patel,

How do you expect someone from the forum to answer this question ?!?

This is something which only the employer and no one else can answer.

Thanks a ton

hello guys...

I am Indian passport holder right now in Dubai on Uae visit visa. I intend to fly to muscat from Dubai. I like to know how many days will i get to stay in Oman after i arrive on visit visa. I heard its just 15 days then i need to fly back to home counrty?

Hi guys;

I am working in Jalan(Oman) for last 2 years my iqama has been expire on 21st Feb 2018, I get good offer from another company in Oman, my sponsor has not given NOC, present company has shutdown and My 3 month Salary also not received yet.

Without NOC I can't change the job?????

Hi Reza
Do you have an Oman visit visa? With UAE Visit visa you will not get an entry into Oman and most likely will get refused at the UAE airport.
The visa on arrival in Oman is for UAE residents .i.e. with a valid UAE resident visa. This visa is valid for 28 days.

Thanks dear Anand,
Presently I don't have the Oman visa. I will be applying the visit visa soon. Do u mean they won't allow me to enter the Oman from UAE  Though I carry the Oman visit visa? Do I need to go back to home country to enter Oman with visit visa?

How long does it take to get baby visa?we applied for baby visa on 27/3/2018.till now we didn't get visa.

Hi Reza,
Family visa can be processed when you have resident card, if you are coming on visit visa it can take you 15 days to a month to get your resident card, once you have resident card n family documents are ready its just matter of a day or two, you ll not have to wait for 3 months though

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