Exit Formalities before leaving Oman (Muscat)

Hi Folks,

I am leaving from Muscat to Bahrain. Is there any advice that you would like to share to me.

Any formalities i should get done.

I am moving to Bahrain from Oman.


Hi ataneja7,

Since you are leaving Oman for good (at least temporarily), it is best that you close your bank account, settle your credit card outstandings, mobile accounts, internet account, personal loans, and all such services availed by you.

Do not leave any of these incomplete and open-ended. You never know when they could come back to haunt you, especially since you are shifting to within the region only.

Go with a clean slate so that you do not carry any unwanted baggage along with you as you move to a new country.

Hi Sumitran,

Thank you for the note, i would do so.


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