Where to live in Phnom Penh?

Hi i am looking to move to Phnom Pehn in February and start searching for a teaching job. what is the best areas for cheap central long term accommodation? Obviously cheaper the better, on a budget!!

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Central part of PP is around BKK and Toul Tompoung, it will be hard to find a cheap place. They would mostly look very old or not maintained, but not all of course.

I would suggest Toul Kork area, cheap, cleaner, but not center.. So it's up to you. Your budget and better if it's near your work place.

Hi Louise, thank you for your reply. I shall look at the area you mentioned. I really don't know PP at all so i am trying to familiarise myself with the city before i move there. your advise is greatly appreciated. :-)

Just find a temporary cheap home, if you haven't found a job yet. If you have, you should probably rent a motorbike for your own to drive around and check places (this is another thing, lol be careful when you drive). You'll see a lot of For Rent post outside houses or check Facebook groups - "Phnom Penh housing", there's a lot :) orrr ask your coworkers. Glad to help. Anything else, just ask.

I suggest that you take temporary accommodation to begin with or a flat share, where you work will decide where you live. ***, the Russian market area is another place to look, however, the above will apply.

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Look for a hotel that charges monthly fees; remember all lease contracts are at least 3 months and one month deposit.

So, on a budget that's not really feasible unless you want to live in a flop.

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