Fitness Time Review

I would like to know your reviews and experience with Fitness Time Gym or do you recommend another gym.

and also did anyone try a personal trainer over there how was it and how much does it cost.

am looking for something  within the area of between mesherfa and rawdha


Hi Mo,

fitness Time is considered the best option for Body Building/Fitness seekers in Jeddah and KSA in general.

In addition to the many branches they have here in Jeddah,
they provide a wide range of services you can use for ur subscriptions, like Cardio machines, fitness classes, body building free and advanced equipment, swimming pool, Sauna, Jackozi, u can check their website for more services they provide.

They have two levels of subscriptions, Yellow, called FitnessTime Pro - and higher level  Called FitnessTime Red, they have one Elite branch for VIP, not our interest :)

The difference from Yellow and Red is in the Cardio machines and the Iron equipment, lockers style, lounge and pilliardo tables and other services, and of course the subscription fees.

For the personal Trainers,
it cost about 1980sr for 12 session, 3600sr for 24 sessions,

and from my experience, it's a waste of money, get a Gym buddy will be most cost effective, unless u like one big guy to count ur reps " OOne, TWOO, Threee" :D

Thanks m00ry for the advice (Y)

am planning to go to Ghirnatah branch if you are already going there let me know we might catch up together


The feature which i like most is the Availability of branches in multiple locations and its Universal access for every member to any branch not only in KSA but also outside KSA.

Hi Mo,

yes sure man isA,

I live Far away from Gurnatah branch,
but we have to meet and do some reps together isA

"3aaash wa7sh" ;)

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