our hurricane maria experience

Here is what is up for my situation. I had my building in  North Carolina for sale last year to move to Puerto Rico full time. I had three closings fall through. I was trapped in the mountains for the winter and after the last potential closing fell through I accepted the fact that I would continue doing the  winter PR and summer NC routine and not sell the building. After my decision not to sell the hurricanes hit the islands. Now winter is approaching and I decided to rent half of my 4200 sq foot building and keep half for my return place. This building is an old Esso gas station/convenience store/meat market/service garage. commercial residential building with a tobacco barn. I put the building for rent by the sq foot on craig's list and found a perspective lessee the next day. They want a 5 year commercial lease for half the property. Now my plan is to return to Puerto Rico mid to late December. My home in Ponce has water, electricity, and internet. I will do the necessary repairs on the house and work with airbnb when possible. Fema workers and friends and social net workers needing that winter getaway experience. None of my long term plans have changed, just altered. I plan to do the necessary clean up on the farm and continue planting and designing my off grid eco/art camp ground. The view is still there. The vegetation will flourish. I will continue my business as usual and very little will change except for my movement back and forth. I will incorporate more natural material in the cottages and camping platforms so in the event of super strong winds most of the structure will become mulch but the strong platform will remain. The house in town survived intact with some water damage and a door or two blown off the hinges. The house was designed in the late 1800's for heat, wind and earth quakes. It is open air with 24 hour cross air currents with filigree open air transoms above the doors and windows. Birds sometimes build nests in the chandeliers but then I get house wrens in my building in North Carolina too. What has happened in Puerto Rico is what I was planning for in theory with my choices of lifestyle on a tropical island. Now I will come to know what the worst scenario could be like and  how to act accordingly with my choices along with my neighbors in town and in the country side. My desire is that Divine providence will continue to direct my actions even when it is not what I would like it to be and to know that what is before me is what I am meant to do with my own life and the life of the communities I share that with. I am ready for the challenge that before me and I know we are all in this together and we will do the best that we can.

You have an awesome outlook, Mrkpytn!  All the best to you and your vision :)

Sounds like just extending your move timeline does the trick for you. Good choice.

Good luck with your ventures.
The plans for your place in Ponce sound really cool.
Btw, I think you mentioned that you farmed in PR as well?  If so, what crops did you grow?
I’ve heard the land and weather in PR can support various crops.

Y eh, I really like working with the ingredients of Puerto Rico. The farm has various micro climates and gets just enough water but not too much. I know most or all of the bananas and plantains are down for the count. The 100 year old plus mangoes should be okay. I have a special interest in plants used for Asian cooking. Fresh curry leaf, kafir lime and lemon grass. these are small plants so i think they will be okay. When I get back next month I will find out what remains. Along with these I have  a lot of guanabana, passion fruit, noni, coffee, avocado, pomegranate, papaya and more that I cannot think of right now.

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