Teaching job in Khubar

Hello, my cousine did her masters in Chemistry with 20 years experience in teaching field.She tried to find out job in Khuber as it is close to Bahrain.But appying through internet it seems waste of time.If some one can guid us about international schools or if any school need chemistry teacher she can join immediatelly and if there is some job seach agent please guide us.She had worked in well reputed international schools.If someone can help to search any position in education field.Waiting for reply.Thank u

nothing in Saudi happens "immediately". It might help if you tell us her nationality. Not all MScs are created equally and the value of 20 years' experience may depend heavily on where it was served.

From my experience of friends who have employment at these schools, you either get an interview because you know someone there or you apply online via instructions on their website for actual positions they are advertising for... and you apply about a year in advance.

She is Pakistani but she applied through website but now she is tired.There is any way we know about jobs announced in Khubar,may be any newspaper as applying online is waste of time

Google should be able to help.

https://www.google.com.bh/search?q=teac … p;ie=UTF-8


what do you mean "it's a waste of time"? Getting a job isn't automatic. If she's getting no reply it may be that she simple doesn't meet their criteria. What response has she had from the schools she's contacted?

She got response from one school in Khubar that how will u arrange transport from Bahrain to Khubar.She replied if your driver will drop me at Saudi border my driver will pick me.They have not contacted after that.One more question how transport can be arranged from Bahrain to Saudi

Any newspaper to get information about teaching jobs in khubar&Dammam.Thank u

Thank you so much for your valuable inputs.I wish she will find job in Khubar

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