French visa / residence for my Asian wife

I really need some help. I am from the UK and have been living in Manila with my Philippine wife for a year and a half. We really want to move to France  but cannot figure out the correct way to do this - visa process etc.
We want to buy a house in the dordogne area. Don't want to buy and find she is refused a visa to stay and live there. But I need to be a resident for her to start the process. I also don't want to be separated from her for months, waiting for the visa. How do I do this?
Can anybody give me some guidance?

Dear bobster.

I think its impossible for you to do this.
Because you are not French citizen, and you asking to get visa for your wife to live without reason ( work or holiday).

Its a dream never comes true.

And also now UK is out of European, so getting worst, because maybe she can get visa from your country and like that she can live in France.

Good luck.

You would both come to France (using whatever method you normally use to vacation here), then apply at your préfecture for a visa for her as a spouse of an EU national (that's you). Someone else here just went through this. Look at the paperwork requirements, as you will need all sorts of official documents, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.
It's actually easier to come here as an EU spouse than as a spouse of a French National.

Gosh. Thank you Julie. It sounds so simple! Maybe I'm just getting lost looking at types of visas and entries. Thanks again. Bob.

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