Moving to MNE for business! Open to your advice and suggestions

Hey everyone!

This is Amir. I’m based in Dubai and planning to set up shop in Montenegro. I’m actually in town right now (28Nov) and doing my rounds in Podgorica, then off to Budva. Have done some primitive research already and will visit the Investment Promotion authority next week for more.

Would love to meet up with expat folks living here to listen to anything and everything that you can share.

Hope to hear from y’all!


Hi Amir

Where do you plan to set up shop? Once you've decided on a city I recommend meeting with relevant people from that place....because every city has its own little tricks and tips of the trade.

Good luck!

Thank you Tina!

In my mind, before actually meeting with the MIPA guys or any business lawyer, I’m thinking of registering a business and the whole licensing/work permit/residency process as I am already in Podgorica, then carefully researching few cities/areas for the best business location.

Would you recommend this approach?


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