Expats in Punta Cana

We are planning a trip to Punta Cana at the end of November. We were wondering if there were any expats in the Punta Cana area that would be prepared to meet up and share some experiences.
Warren and Jen

Sorry we are on the north coast. IF ever in the Sosua/Cabarete area let me know

Bob K

We have a few there, i an sure they will chime in!

Hello Warren and Jen:
My wife and I have been living in the Punta Cana area actually in the Bavaro area for almost three years now and have moved from the Toronto area in Ontario and feel free to get in touch with us when you do arrive here in Punta Cana and would love to meet up to meet new friends and share our experiences of living here.
Randy and Darlene

That's great thanks. We will let you know when we arrive and hopefully it works out to meet up

Just a warning!!! Randy and Darlene can incite way too much fun!!!!  Cuidate!

See you all soon I hope!

Yes Planner hopefully we will get together soon and you always have a place to stay here with us when you are in town

Woooo hooooo!!!!

And the same here in the capital!!! You always have a place to stay!

Will be moving to Punta Cana soon! Can't wait to meet all of you 😊

Hi there.

My husband and I will be moving to the Bavaro area next summer.   

Randy & Darlene, Can you tell me, are there things that you can't get there that you used to get at home, or things in particular that you miss that you didn't even think of before you moved?

We are looking at condos at places like Costa Hermosa, Eden Caribe, etc.



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