Make new friends in Jordan

Hello all,
This forum is for making new friends, meet new people and exchange culture
you can post your name, age, nationality and what city you're in now
I'll start by myself
My name is Gaith, 23, American living in Irbid

My name is Maclaran, I will be living in Amman from Nov. 9th on. I am from the USA. :)

Hi guys
I am more interested in get together once at least in couple of weeks. My Name is Nadeem, 36, from Pakistan and living in Amman.

i love America n dream live there m from Amman

my name is Mostafa
i am 27 Egyptian
in Amman

Hello names Kris from Fiji Islands 29 years

Hello Kris, You are welcome to Jordan!
I am Mohammed from Jordan.

Hamza,27 yrs, jordanian, I live in Amman, welcome for every one

Hi my name is Rita from America living in Jordan 😆

You are welcome Rita!
I am Mohammed from Jordan - Petra. It's my pleasure to become friends.

hello every body .. and welcome to my country ..
lets meet in this holidays
me and my wife welcoming expat in Jordan .

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