Advise needed Guanacaste Province

Hi All,

I'm looking to retire in the next year or so and think it's time for a new adventure. Have lived in Eastern and Western Canada plus Atlanta, Ga. About 20 years in each area. Have many great friends all over NA.

I live a pretty simple life, single now. The days of the Lexus, big house and country club membership no longer interest me. Am taking Spanish lessons online.

Would like to live within 15 minutes of the beach and 40 from the airport for when kids and g'kids come down. A nice 2 bedroom condo or house would work.

Is a budget of $1300 US reasonable. Have cash set aside for major purchases etc.

Your advise and suggestions would be appreciated.



Hello. A good 2B/2B condo can go for around $600 + utilities. I lived in Playas del Coco for 9 years, rented a condo overlooking the ocean, 5 mins from downtown, utilities, cable and internet included, swimming pool, laundry facilities, quiet, nice. Started paying $800 a month 12 years ago, could get it down to $400 and end up paying $600 the last 2 years. Not sure how much it would be now. If you can get a rental for that amount you'd have the balance for food, etc, not bad for a single person. The place's called Vista Turquesa, tell Jerry the owner, I mentioned the place. Regards,

Condos are mainly immediately around the beach or in the 'city' and so would possibly more expensive, plus when in a long term rental, electricity is not usually included.  Electricity use near the beach using A/C  or a dehumidifier could easily cost  $300+ a month, so your budget will be tight. I presume this budget is just for a rental, not living expenses, as $1300 would not be enough?

As a Canadian you will lose 25% on your dollar, which will severely hurt any budget.  Plus, if you intend to apply as a'non-resident of Canada for tax purposes' the Canadian government will withhold a big chunk of your pension.

Canada Revenue will withhold 25% of RRSP's and LIF's but you would likely get all of that back at tax filing time.  With the right documentation you can also apply to have the 25% withholding tax reduced.  We decided it was not worth the effort and once we had one year under our belt we have come to expect this money back in the spring.

Yes, it is nice to get a refund, but for those on a really strict budget, they may really need the extra $$$'s to make ends meet, every month.

My point is that after one year it becomes a part of your regular expected income.  It is quite the process to apply formally for the reduction.  We simply budget for the expected $$$ due to us in May/June.

MauroN   Thanks for your comments. It looks like living away from the beach is substantially cheaper rent wise. Is it reasonable to expect to pay 600 US for 2 br condo 10 to 15 minute drive to Coco. I'v been in business for the majority of my life so if I can develop a realistic budget of $1300 i'll add 25% to that for the actual budget.

I'm currently doing consulting for a number of US clients and may continue with a few when I retire. How reliable is the internet service in Coco.

Are you located in Iberia now?

Thank you in advance for your response.



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