Job in Istanbul

Hello everyone,I'm 23 years old.
I am planning move to Istanbul in a month. I tried to find job but everyone asks for experience over a year and I do't have it. I graduated bachelor degree in computer engineering but I don't want to work in that field. I was thinking about some field connected to languages . I speak English,Russian,Azerbaijan,German and a bit Turkish.Has anyone idea where should i search?  Thanks for help :)

honestly speaking, it is difficult to find a job anywhere all over the world in another field than yr education where you even have no experience, other than illegal jobs.
any job you will find will not help you to improve yrself, but wasting time with a very low income, again other than illegal ones.
highly recommend you to get some experience in yr home country and than dare to try to survive in another country, if you dont want to get involved illegals.

Thanks for advice

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