Residencey visa

Hi i did applied my residencey visa and they told me that it take 3 months , my question is I'm going back to usa next month do i have to pay a penalty since my first visa was expired on September?

No take your file number and proof of application with yiu and you should not have to pay.

Also understand they almost never get issued in 3 months.

Thanks planner😊 For your replied Thats all I needed to know Appreciated!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

That is how it should work but have a plan B incase is does not.

Bob K

Thanks bob, I keep that on mind👍🏻You guys is awesome!!!

Thanks honey, we try our best.

Thanks again planner and Bob k , you guys are  the best!!!

Planner quick question, I’m going back to DR do you know where i can take a spanish class? I’m interested learning spanish languages! Thanks planner in advance!!!

Planner is taking a break from the forums for a bit.
What part of the DR are you coming to?

Bob K

I have found that   marcus[at]    to be the best & easiest, quickest & most fun way to learn Spanish.  Inexpensive too.  Prepare yourself to be amazed. I have no connection to this site. Just want to share it with people. Have fun!

Boca chica bob,or la romana im both closer on that area!
Appreciate bob for your response!!!

Thanks tinker40 for that imfo! I look on that!

I do not know of any language schools in that area.  Sorry.  If you check the local supermarkets (Pola, la Sirena, Bravo ) there is usually  a bulletin board there which may have some local courses you can take.

Bob K

Ok i look on that bob k  Thanks!!!

You are welcome....good luck

Bob K

Check out  ***  You will be happy when you do.

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