New rules announced in today's budget - domestic helpers

"Goverment to allow employers to directly take in domestic helpers from nine countries without going through agents and allow visa application online."

The budget is ongoing today so updates will come accordingly.

That is fantastic news.

hi i got ecard which expired on February 2018, there have any possible to get work permit and if possible how long will take time.

Misa2035 - You need to get offered a job and then the employer will make the application.

Just a reminder - domestic helpers are ladies and the nine countries involved are Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.

Update - … ions-of-f/

Thanks for sharing information

The rules and process have now been announced. … r-fdh.html

Hello Gravitas. My family and I will be relocating to Kota Kinabalu in May. My husband is british and will be under expatriate employment for 2-3 years. We have helpers from Indonesia and on social visit pass for 30 days. How do we process their work permit? Can I do it in KL and bring them to Kota Kinabalu? Thank you

No you need to deal with immigration directly in KK/Sabah … ngan-sabah

It may require hubby 's Visa Approval Letter or even his EP to be stamped in his passport before your DP and Maids passes can be processed.

Ask KK/Sabah for requirements because immigration is decentralised

(Will just point out domestic helpers associated with a foreigner working in Malaysia does not fall under the initial topic of this thread)

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