Clearing my doubts about latvia

Hi friends i am jibin anto.  from india and i have planning to do mba in ISMA university in latvia. and i have some doubts.
1. Is there any chance for part time work? 
2.can i cover the living expenses through work part time?
3.what is the wage rate in latvia? there any chance to go another European countries for work?
5.can i get any job there while after i complete my mba? there any chance to migrate Europe?

My thoughts are ask Embassy in Riga. If you decide to come here you will need to register as resident. You are to have chest xray and will be checked by doctor. Easy really. Wage here varies but common as wage is 340 euro tops for month. Latvian way is to have two jobs. In city one cannot live in 340 euro and rents are extreme and lodging scares. Again ask Embassy or university burser about housing as they are there to help. Perhaps fly here see if you like it first. If student it may be easier to deal with University first. Ask all your questions.  Latvia is hot summer very cold winters. Warm clothing is the code. Warm housing a must. Uni will tell you more. I like it here as I have house and land but starting out I would pick UK if you can get in now not EU. Jobs pay far more and uni is far more set up than here. Germany too is good and yes you should get in with papers to show you have student rating and someplace accepted as student. Hope you sort this out Good luck

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