I recently went back from Singapore (here in PH now). I only worked in SG for less than a month.
I'd like to know the following:

1. If a mis-declaration in the EPass application is a crime in SG? I committed an offense in HK (possession of arms without permit - I was caught in possession of a small stunning device while exiting HK) and was only fined around HKD1,200. I (unintentionally) did not declare that I committed such offense in HK when I applied for an EPass. I declared the HK incident to my SG employer and was released/fired, subsequently. I left Singapore (without any problem).

2. If the above is a crime in SG, how do I know if I was charged (if any case was filed against me)?

Thank you!

Not only in EP application but also in your visa form it asks if you had fined possessing prohibited item in other countries, authorities would take into consideration.

In Singapore, if you provide wrong information or incorrect information then it’s subject to crime (depends on criticality of the information) or referred as falsified information provided by you. Once such type of records comes under your name in ICA or MoM book then chances are slim to get unnoticed and pass approval.
For your second question, whether you were fined or not, first you need to check with employer if they had notified to MoM (after you informed them) or not. If they had, then check respective authorities on how to clear this case against you.


Thank you very much for your quick response. Just to clarify further.

I got the EPass and subsequently surrendered it to my employer after I informed them of what happened in HK.

Aside from asking my previous employer, is there another way to check if I have a pending case in SG?

Thank you very much!

I have already informed you that you need to check with your employer. Or else check with MoM, but more likely MoM doesn’t have any obligation to answer your question. You may ask them to advise if any case is pending against you or not (provide your earlier EP FIN and passport details for their verification).

Very helpful. Thank you very much!

As Surya said, the authorities (MoM and ICA) only know about it if your employer told them. You can only find that out by asking the employer.
Even if they know, it is unlikely that you will be fined or a court case started against you. You will, however, receive a ban from entering Singapore (or getting a work visa) - not because of what you did in HK, but for lying on the application forms. How long this ban will last (usually several years) is anybody's guess.
Please also note that leaving after just one month will definitely be seen as negative (even if MoM doesn't know the reason) and will affect subsequent work pass applications.

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