Working in Dammam & Living in Bahrain


My husband works in Dammam and I plan to join him in Jan'18. We plan to live in Bahrain, so I can holds an Iqama and he will continue to work in Dammam.

Can anyone help with suggestions on which visa should I apply for?
Will a Saudi spouse visa enable me to apply for jobs in Bahrain? or 
Saudi Visit visa with multiple entry should be good? or
Bahrain visit visa is a better idea?

Thanking you in advance for your reply!



we had similar discussions here:

Your husbands employer also should be able to give you the needed info as well.

good luck

I highly recommend that you come to Saudi and do all you need to get your iqama. AFTER that, you can then come  back here and start the process to move over here.

Things can change very quickly in this area of the world and administration can take a long time. The advice you get now may be invalid when you come to rely on it.

I know that being at home waiting to come out can make you impatient, but I would strongly advise focussing on home and making the most of your time there and leaving all this until you arrive.... and that's from someone who's been an expat adult for 20 years all over the world.


Can you tell me what did you guys finally do ? My husband & I work in Riyadh but he is moving to Dammam for work so we have decided to live in Bahrain and he will do the daily commute.

Can someone tell me the procedure to obtain Bahrain residency ? Will I have to forego my Saudi Iqama?

Kindly read the links in my previous reply.

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AfifaJeelani :

Will I have to forego my Saudi Iqama?

not if your husband is your sponsor, no. But he will have to maintain your iqama i.e. ensure renewal each year and, for that, you will need to be in Saudi when it happens. This means he'll also have to arrange for you to have at least a single-entry visa and therefore pay the dependent fee for you (and anyone else he sponsors e.g. children).

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