Could low pay be spass submission rejected?

Dear all, I am a new member. My spass was rejected by Mom last week.  The company said what the reason is the pay. Because I am currently working on spass now. Now the new job and I agreed for the salary lower than my current job. So why my spass was rejected is their low pay. Now they have submitted appeal letter as my salary is same as my current salary. Could you give me your opinion on it? Thank for your response ☺

I have already responded to your same question which you had written me using private message.
Changing a job with holding a working pass is always risky, looking at recent instances where it’s getting tougher and tougher to get a pass approval. Not sure what prompted you to change a job or accept a job which offering $100 lesser (offering $2500, current salary is $2600 - as you had mentioned in your private message).

I would request others if you want to discuss or need any suggestions then please post in common platform of Singapore forum (avoid sending private message unless there is some private information which you don’t want to share in public forum), secondly post your message or query earlier to your final decision, so that people can give you fair advice, which may help you to take more appropriate decision. Good luck

Thanks for response. I am a new user i didnt know how to use this site. Sorry for that.

Second thing I'd like to know is how can I check my appeal status on Mom website. Before my spass was rejected, I could check my spass status was pending or not. Now everytime I check it still showing recjected on spass status. I think I should check on appeal status. How can I check it. Thanks again :-)

Too low salary is the most likely reason for rejection.
Appeals are often not shown in MoM's online system. Ask your employer to inform you when they got a reply!

There is no such status available at MoM to give you update on your appeal. Currently, MoM website only shows the status of your pass application (appearing as “rejected”). If your appeal is successful then the status of your application would change to “approved”. If not successful, then the status will remain unchanged. Hope this clarifies your doubt. Good luck

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