IGB international school vs ELC int sch vs desa park city int sch

Hi All
We are moving to malaysia in mid Dec 2018. So need to look around for schools for my 4 yrs old daughter. Currently she is in an American IB based school called ACS international school in Doha Qatar. I see that she response well to IB PYP curicullum and that is why i was considering IBG int school in sierramas. We are looking to live either in Sierramas or Desa Park City n that is why i am also considering Desa Park City international school. I heard ELC is good as well. So need some feedbacks on all this 3 schools.By the way, i know the school term starts in January again. Should i apply after i visited all schools in January or do it in advance  to secure a space?  Thank you.

If you daughter likes the IB based curriculum,  then ELC would not be a good choice.  It is very academic in its teaching.  Desa Park is a good school,  very settled,  but lacks in sports facilities and students and taken off site to do their PE.  The programme there is more IB type in that they follow Cambridge,  but have more project based learning going on compared to ELC. IGB is new,  3 years now so it should be more settled than when it first opened.  Excellent facilities.  If you are staying  in Desa Park,  then you will need to think about traffic if you decide to go to IGB or ELC

Fairview is the main IB school I would say. But your daughter is rather young for a long commute from Sierramas. It would be best to live close to the chosen school.

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