Safety in Port Moresby

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I'm considering to accept an offer and work in Port Moresby. I want to seek advice how safe it will be working, living there.
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Any comment regarding the this place for living Ela Vesta?


Port Moresby can be a little unpredictable.  However in 3 years we have not had any major incidents.  I did have my car broken into twice and my wife lost a purse with phone, kindle reader and all her cards.  It was a bit of a hassle to get credit cards and stuff stopped, but we didn't end up losing any money.  However in this case it was my fault for not being careful.  Someone saw me put the bag in the trunk.  If I had not done that they wold not have bothered breaking into the car.

There are car jackings and theft and rape of course,  there are simply place you go and don't go.  We don't have any fear when traveling around the main roads and shopping areas, but we are always careful.  Last week there were a couple of car jacking attempts that expats got out of okay.  Typically thieves want your stuff.  I f you ever are confronted just give them to he stuff and they will go on.

That said, there are plenty of safe areas to enjoy in the city.  If you do got to events like cultural shows or street markets I always take a couple of local boys with me.  Make friends with locals and they will help you out a lot.  Bottom line, know where to go and where not to go, stay alert and get to know the locals.

PM me if you want to know anything else.


I think Steve said it so well.

You will find it very interesting living here- never mind the heat though.

I would strongly recommend the idea to make friends with the local boys. Perhaps your neighbours, colleagues and work mates. It is really not as bad as the internet speak of it. It is quite safe and friendly you just need to know where you going what time of the day and the situation of the environment you're travelling and who you are socializing with. Make as much friend as possible with the locals as this will help you get to know the place well and safe staying. But just don't trust anyone too quickly. I think best to start making friends with your senior colleagues and ask them for tips and what else you may need to know.

Always take a local with you on your first visit to certain places. Ask for help before going out alone either in the night or during the day. Just be very careful in everywhere you walk. Just to avoid pick-pockets and such. Otherwise the city is great you might find some stranger helping you if you get into a trouble. There are many good people around too.

I am certain further precautions and warnings and instructions will be given by your employer when you finally arrive.

I hope you will find this small piece worth reading.

I can be of any help should you need, ask.

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Hi Junior,
Thank you for your reply and tips.
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Appreciated Kelvin.

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