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Hi everybody,
New in the forum. Guys I need some suggestions about a Health Insurance here in DR. Thinking to relocate in this Country (Las Terrenas) I know that I need a Seguro... after a search about this matter I found Humano and La Monumental. Details/ Benefits/ etcc in these Company are similar, anybody have suggestions? Like which Company is normally choosen by Expats?
Thanks alls

I have worked with insurance for years. For.medical insurance I recommend Humano and Universal.  Pricing is similar for both. I personally prefer Humano and so I have a grpup policy with them.

Happy to send yiu info if you message me yiur email address.

Question planner, will i need cedula to buy a plan?

Nope, a passport works just fine honey.



Planner is correct.  We have Universal through another group and are very happy with it as well.

Bob K

MM74.  I forgot to add....welcome to the forum

Bob K

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