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My husband and I are planning to buy a  house in Berlin that is next to autobahn. We are confused as to how would it be to live next to the autobahn with continuous sound and pollution. We are also unsure about the selling price of the house. We are not sure if people will buy houses near autobahn or not in future. It would be great if somebody can throw some light on that, whether it is good or bad to buy a house next to autobahn ? Any advice/suggestions?

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A house in a noisy, polluted location will of course have a lower value than the same house in a quiet one.
But if this is considered in a lower price - and if you don't mind living with the noise and pollution - then it might be worth buying.
On the other hand, you should not re-sell a house in Germany after less than 10 years (to avoid taxation), and if you are lucky, a number of cars might by then be electric, reducing the noise and pollution problem.
You have to decide for yourself , I am afraid.

Thank you for the reply. You mentioned one really good point about the electric cars, never thought about it :-)

Seems like you basically answered your own question. Of course it is undesirable to live near a busy street. And of course the value of such a property will be affected. But it works both ways; you should be able to buy it for a cheaper than normal price because of this but will probably have to give that discount on when you sell. On the other hand, most property seems to steadily go up in Germany.

But I would question if the place is actually within ear shot of an Autobahn. The reason being is that there are large connecting roads but Autobahns themselves are always built with a minimum distance to residential property. They get built around and not through the cities. And many places where noise levels from traffic are a problem, they’ve build extra walls for noise protection. Not that the problem is solved but many German communities have tried to take strategies to lessen the effects of traffic noise; something pretty much ignored in many countries.

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