Salary For Senior PLC Programmer / Automation Engineer

I have been searching the internet and can't find some concrete information on this.
I am a Senior Automation Engineer / Control Systems Engineer / PLC Programmer, which ever you want to call it.

What is a decent market related salary?
Is it between EUR 65k - 75k per year, thus est EUR 5k a month (salary / 13.92).
Can a family of 3 live comfortably of thus (Flanders area)

If you get an offer is it normally cost to company or is it your basic rate and the benefits are extra?

Thanks, any advice would be appreciated?

Your take home will be less that 3000/month. 3 of You can survive on this, but you r not going to save anything. For salaries use

Thanks and you are correct, it is less that 3K a month. If we can't survive the wife have to start working :)

Just another question as I don't want to start a new threat. I would leave it here for a couple of days to see if somebody answers.

When I apply for the blue card, I know the process takes up to 90 days.
When do I submit my passport? At the start or only at the end when my application is successfull?

My employer told me I would not qualify for BlueCard because my work-title is not senior director or VP level. Allegedly in Belgium you have to have salary over median BEL pay-rate as well as specific title indicating that you are executive or hi level manager. Individual contributors never get such titles....
But most importantly, if I were you I would double check about your wife status, as I am 90% certain she will not be allowed to work legally anywhere in EU even if you receive your BlueCard or Work Visa.

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