Looking for midwives who work in doha

Hi everyone.

Im brand new here,  im a midwife in glasgow and have applied to work in doha. Very nervous about it all to be honest so wondering any midwives out there have any information. Like what the job is like,  how it differs to the uk,  shifts,  rota,  breaks, staff,  patients. Etc. Anything else you would like to share.

Cheers,  Louise

Hi Louise I’m in the same boat as you.... just had my interview and got offered a job straight away... I have signed my contract etc so waiting to hear what happens now.... how are things progressing with your move ??

Hi, wondered if you had made the move and if so how are you finding it?

I have recently been approached for an interesting offer with Hamad and would love to hear about your experiences so far in Doha.

Does anyone on here know what areas they house staff In middle management positions in Hamad? I will be relocating with 3 children

Thanks in advance!

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