Need to leave KSA (HELP ME, I BEG YOU)

Hey folks,

I've been in a terrible state for the past six months. My dad used to work in Saudi and has been working here for the past 40 years. I used to work in Dubai and found no success so I decided to join my dad, I got here last year and my dad's sponsor issued me a laborer's iqama (I have a bachelors in communications from the American University in Dubai and I'm an IYT certified coastal yacht master). I was entering and exiting the country for a year without problems; however six months ago, I realized that entering Saudi Arabia was a big mistake. A transport company that my dad contracted with four years ago launched a case against my sponsor, claiming a large amount of money that my dad never paid. My sponsor never informed me of this, I asked him for an exit re entry so I can visit my family in Dubai, and he told me to give in my passport because his MOI system wasn't working. I gave it to him, and a few days later he calls me in to his office and presents the court case to me. He tells me that until I don't get the case cleared, I can not leave. Now, my family is doing the best they can to pay this money, among other debts that my dad has accumulated in KSA. But it is all taking some time. I have many times thought of approaching the labor office but my sponsor is well connected there and can get me into trouble. I am a Pakistani passport holder, and my embassy is refusing to assist me. I've been here for six months without work, I've been getting money in my UAE account through work that is happening there, and some support from my brother. Keep in mind that I didn't do anything wrong and there is nothing on my name. I also have a valid residents permit in KSA, so I can't report myself as an illegal. Does anyone have a solution? Thank you for your patience for reading about my situation, but I do not see a way out of this.

Go to the police.
Your sponsor keeping your passport is illegal now.
He needs to return it to you.
I’d say your best bet will be the labour courts as there will have the case against your father but it will not show your name.
Your sponsor is basically taking you at ransom for your fathers debt, again illegal.
How much the government will listen I don’t know, this is the major issue. Companies are not following the law and there is no one enforcing them.

Assalamu alaikum brother.

Make lots of dua, go to the police and utilize the complaint section in ministry of labor.  I tried to find the complaint section on here but to no avail unfortunately. Perhaps try visiting them in one of their offices. Goodluck, brother.

What was the update in your case

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