Working and Living in Malaysia for Indian

hii all,
i want to work in Malaysia. as i am a computer diploma holder, can i get a good job, i also have experience in computers,hotel and cinema line.
here i am getting 15k  per month. can i earn more than India. or most imp. thing is i have 1 child 1 yr and my wife. is it safe to move in Malaysia with them. is it safe for women's to work in Malaysia. as per internet research i mostly heared Malaysia offers work in oil factories etc etc. is it true.
i am going to sale my house for work in Malaysia. please suggest me what is best for me.

To be honest, I think you may be underqualified to get a job where you can bring your wife and child. Don't sell anything. Just spend some time applying for jobs and see what happens. Look for work outside KL as well.

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