What is required to open a bank account in Cambodia PP

Hi everyone,
My name is Steve and recently arrived here after visiting many times before.
I recently signed a lease for six months and I want to know how I can open a bank account here ?

I'm from Australia so Anz Royal seems to be an obvious selection since being a customer past 11 years in Oz ? I know separate banks 😀And open to suggestions from your own experiences please.

As to my situation I have chosen PP as my base to fly out for work on a 2 year contract. Therefore I also wish to know where I can securely attain a visa which allows me to travel In/out for 12 months unlimited?

I'm a first time user so go easy on me please 😜
Many thanks to those that take the time to read my questions and fair dinkum if you provide useful advice


Hi Steve.

ANZ seems to be a good choice for you. Banks have different requirements, but in general they need a copy of your passport with a minimum 6 months visa (extension of stay). Then they need a copy of your lease contract and a deposit, mostly $10.

You will arrive on a E visa, valid 30 days. As soon as you can apply for a EB extension of stay for 1 year. Needed for that is a work permit or a letter from your employer. Go to an agent like Lucky Lucky in PP and they will tell you how to do. I believe the employer takes care of the work permit.

Good luck!

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Hi Joe
Thank you for the reply. I have managed to open one with ABA as Anz needed a work permit etc as you described.
My situation is I shall be working overseas and not in Cambodia and it seems having called lucky lucky today I can no longer obtain the visa for multiple entries in/ out !
If you have any suggestions on not having to pay each time I return for single 30 day entry I'm open to all suggestions

Hi Steve.

There are a few options for a longer-than-30 days visa.

On arrival you apply for a 30-day E (business) visa.
From inside Cambodia you can extend this for a couple of things:

1. EB (business) extension of stay, but max. 1 or 3 months without work permit, single entry.

2. ER (retirement) extension of stay for one year multiple entry, but you need to be 55 years old or older.

3. ES (student) extension of stay for one year multiple entry, but you need proof of engagement in a study.

4. EG (general) extension of stay, for 6 months max. but multiple entry. This is an EOT for people that want to work but not yet have found a job. If after 6 months you still have not found a job, you have to leave the country. Of course you can come back and do the 30-day + 6 months EG again. Probably later on they will limit the number of EG extensions, but for now it's unlimited.

That's it, good luck!

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I wouldn't open an account at ANZ. I had one for 5 years but I've just closed it. While I was in France, they blocked the account: they wanted a copy of my passport, of my visa  and a work certificate. I kept telling them I was retired but they went on asking me for a work certificate. And as far as the visa was concerned it took them ages to understand that when I am in France (6 months a year) I don't have a visa. Finally they asked me for a proof that I was retired but it still took more than one month to unblock my account.
My account is a joint account with a Khmer girl I help in her studies and she couldn't withdraw any money either during that time. I think it's a real scandal a bank should block a private account without any notice.
Another thing is your money (unless you have big amounts) never yield a benefit in that bank and moreover when you have less than$5000 on your account they levy keep fees .
I've opened an account at RHB. They told me the only condition is that a foreigner should appear at least once a year. And you can  even put part of your money on a short term saving book (3 or 6 months) and you will get interests.

hi steve.. i am also from australia.. I opened an ANY bank account when i returned to Australia but do not use atm in 136 street as for some reason it will tell you your card no good.it happen to me ..I usually go to and bank along river front..

Hi Steve.
On your question of bank account,s.
I here ABA bank is good, cheaper fees than ANZ royal
ANZ royal is a totally separate entity to ANZ australia.
Neither bank will help you with any account or query  you have.
With each other.
I am also ANZ customer in Australia.when I brought travel card, i was Told so.
Any way ANZ australia is selling ANZ royal, because it has been a disaster for them.
Hope this helps.

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