Please Advice For Accommodation In Brussels

Hello All,

I know there are many similar questions on the forum regarding places to live in Brussels and I know that it's very subjective but still I need your advise.

We're relocating to Brussels with my wife and our 3 year old daughter in a month, my office is close to the Hôspital Erasme - close to Erasme (I think it's on the line 5) subway station. Company doesn't provide a car and I'm not planning a buy one as I find the public transportation is very useful and as I consider Brussels not a very big city.

We are a young couple, and also we have different nationalities and religions with my wife. Our plan is to live in Belgium permanently, so we will try to integrate quickly and live like locals. We are looking for 2 bedroom apartment, preferably not more than 900€ monthly rent.

I am suggested to look for Woluwe Saint Pierre and Woluwe Saint Pierre, and lastly for Etterbeek and Brussels City (1000) by my colleagues, and I would say I'm really confused.

I read a lot of posts about this topic and your suggestions, I went through 4-5 years old posts and thought that maybe something was changed and not valid anymore for the suggested districts.

Thanks in advance.

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