Can the wife/husband of an expatriate work?

Can the wife/husband of an expatriate with dependent pass work?

Nope. Dependant pass not allowed to work
You need to apply for an Employment Pass

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FAQs About the Employment Pass
Can the wife of an expatriate work?
Yes. The husband / wife of an expatriate holding the Dependant Pass is allowed to work without having to change the Dependant Pass to the Employment Pass as long as he/she has received the endorsement for work from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Correct Shehajaz - the rule changed in the last year or two and all foreigners who wish to work must get a full work permit.  (Exception is those on LTSVP married to Malaysians where an endorsement system is still used).

The website referred to has not been updated and is NOT correct.

Thanks for the clarification :)

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