Looking for apartment along the kelana jaya line

I just arrived in KL and am looking for good areas to explore for a 2/3 bed apartment unfurnished. I need to be close to the kelana jaya line for work. Ideally looking for an area with cafes, restaurants where it is easy to meet people. I would welcome suggestions of which areas are safe and a mix of expat and local. I plan to walk around the areas in the next week to get a feel before narrowing down my search. Thanks in advance for any suggestions 😁

Hey. Where abouts along the Kelana Jaya LRT line do you work? Bangsar could be a great option. Certainly a good mix of local and expat residents. All the restaurants, cafes, shops and amenities you need are accessible from the two biggest neighborhood malls: Bangsar Shopping Center and Bangsar Village. Loads of other standalone cafes and shops in the Jalan Telawi area, Lucky Garden and the Lorong Kurau/APW area. As with most upper and upper-middle income neighborhoods the public train stations aren't right on your doorstep. But that said, one end of Bangsar is connected to the Kelana Jaya LRT and the other end is connected via MRT.

Thank you geraldtsh. I will work in KLCC/Ampang Park between the 2 stations. I am happy to get a metro or train but I just don't want to have to change lines or get a taxi to a nearby station every morning. Is Bangsar far from Bangsar South? I will go and look at Bangsar tomorrow to get a feel for the area. Any recommendations or directions of streets where I will find life? :)
I appreciate your help.

Hi Bangsar and Bangsar South are quite different. In fact 2-3 LRT stops apart. Bangsar South is a newer development area but also targeted to students, young families and those just entering the job market (not necessarily expats).  Get yourself to Bangsar Village mall and you will certainly find lots of life in the area (Jalan Telawi area). For more hawker/street food head to Lucky Garden. For a more quiet but hip part of Bangsar, look for APW Bangsar cool cafes and something's usually on during the weekend. APW is an old printing factory repurposed into an F&B and event space. I may be biased since I work and own a condo in the area but Bangsar is really a good balance between access to the city and suburban comfort. If you do like the area, let me know I could have a condo available for rent.

Brilliant thank you! I will message you once I have had a look around the area.
I appreciate your directions and advice.

There are very limited condos near LRT in Bangsar and everything is overpriced in the shops and restaurants.

It's certainly a matter of personal preference.

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