Dentist in Al Khobar

Hi I am Looking for a good dentist in Al Khobar who will not try to empty my bank account.

Check with Al Mana Dental Services Al Khobar.

there is only one
Rimas Dental Clinic in jeddah
and if you need orthodontist there is Dr.Mohammed

@cutegirl: you seem to be a real fan of the guy!! you sure have posted it all the way across here in khobar forums about a dentist in Jeddah..

Why empty your bank account ! you are supposed to have health insurance !

I've heard great stuff about Al-Maghrabi dental hospital. They have steep prices, but for the luxury of feeling absolutely no pain during the whole procedure of extracting a tooth (if that's your aim). Heard good reviews.

rimas dental clinic probably the best

Dr. Shadi Nabil is the best dentist I've seen in Khobar.
Jood Alsalam clinics
+966 3 8820006
+966 3 8820007

i have heard of an indian doctor in ram dental care in khobar.go to him he is excellent

please advice me dat with dependent visa i can work as a dentist in al khobar.... am a indian completed bds n having experience of 3 years.... any one please suggest me...  are any exams to clear to work der... please let me know

hii am an indian soon we r moving to al khobar... am a dentist having 3years experience... can any one suggest me dat i cn work in al khobar with dependent visa... are i should clear any exams overder... please let me da info...

dependents visa is no more allowed by jawasat for you to work.

have you find the best dentist?
im looking for one too.


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