Finalizing Romanian citizenship process

Hello friends :)

I'm Al from Tel Aviv, I am an Israeli citizen and recently got my approval of Romanian citizenship, which I acquired due to the fact my parents were born in Romania.

I now hold a nice piece of signed paper which states I am a citizen. Hooray! (Took two years to get it)
I've tried searching online what are my next steps for getting my Romanian passport but couldn't get an official answer. From what I understand, and maybe I'm wrong, I need to take this certificate along with my translated and Apostiled Israeli birth and marriage certificates to somewhere in sector 1, but I don't know where and what should I do there.

Anyone knows this process and cares to share the details?

1. Where should I go? which office is this and where is it?
2. Do they speak English or should I get a translator?
3. What exactly should I bring with me?
4. What is the process and what do I need to achieve for my next step of getting the passport?
5. How much time is this expected to take? How long should I schedule my visit?

Any other details or referrals would be highly appreciated.

Thanks guys :)

Everything you need is here:

Make an appointment, they usually take an around a hour with the waiting in line, maybe a bit more.  Yes even with an appointment, you'll wait.   If you try to just show up with your documents, you'll wait even more, if not be sent away altogether and told to make an appointment.

Don't expect them to speak English, this is Romania...they use the national language, especially with their own citizens!

Also, you mentioned Israeli birth and marriage certificates, you might want to look into getting those transcribed into Romanian birth and marriage certificates, it will make things easier going forward.

Romaniac Experts Team

Hi, first of all, thank you, I appreciate your effort.

As I understand from this link, I Must register my civil status documents and get a CNP. is that correct? and where do I do this? I couldn't find a place to make an appointment as you recommended.

I also couldnt find where do I transcribe my certificates to Romanian certificates.

Thanks again!

Here's a link for the offices in Sector 1 for transcribing the documents.  I think when they transcribe the birth certificate, a CNP is issued, but I can't say with certainty.

Hi Again. I've scheduled a flight to sector 1 city hall next week and was wondering if anyone knows someone local who knows a bit of bierocracy and speaks Romanian who can accompany me in the city hall for a reasonable fee.

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