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We are looking to relocate to Amsterdam in 2018. We have 2 children who will be 5 and 10 by the time we move and we would appreciate any advice at all about schools. We ideally want to live in the De Piijp area. Where to even start?? We don't want to send our children to an all international school or pay school fees if possible. We obviously want our children to learn Dutch but we are wondering if some  schools also offer a bilingual programme....and also do lots of children with English as their first language attend Dutch schools? I am always wary of posting on these forums as there can often be "accidental offense" caused! If I do so, it is in total naivete! Many thanks in advance for any responses and advice offered. Sincerely,

Hi and welcome to the Forum. :)

Assuming you mean De Piijp in Amsterdam; mouth-wateringly expensive; it's more expensive than London; I would try and move outside of Amsterdam if at all possible.

No state schools offer bi-lingual lessons, all tuition is in Dutch (although, later in their school-life, the bright ones will be streamed to courses that are only offered in either German or English; mainly engineering and the sciences).  You'll be amazed at how quickly they pick up the language.

Dutch schools are excellent and we had no problem in placing our 3 kids in the state school system; the only thing I would watch out for is your 10-year old.  They stream all kids to their next level at age 12; if his spoken and written Dutch is not up to par (it's an actual exam), he/she will be streamed into the lower level, which means they will struggle to get to Uni.  Only you know your kid; if you think he is dedicated enough and has the skills to do it, then it shouldn't be a problem.

Hope this helps.

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