Renting a Studio or Flat Share

I will be moving to Sofia towards the end of December and looking to rent a place to live.
Ideally a small studio close to transport connections or pretty central,
Hoping to keep my budget as low as possible so maybe a flat share is more sensible,
On-line sites are quoting way too much for me, I have joined a couple of FB groups for sharing but so far not much has come up.
Any advice gratefully received, thank you.

Hi Wreford,

You could drop a "looking for" advert in the Housing in Sofia section of the websites. Feel free to pen down your requirements and budget so that you might get some suitable offers.

All the best,

Hi there,

Sofia offers quite a broad range of accommodation options, so just keep searching. It is not possible to run out of suitable options ...

Otherwise, just PM me with your requirements and budget - I am renting 3 apts. through an accommodation agency, they are all full presently and much bigger, but I'm sure the agency can find what you need.


Thanks for the tip :)
Will do although there doesn't seem to be too much activity on this section of the forum

Thank you Kristiann
Probably its easier once I arrive in Sofia?
Do you think its possible to find a furnished single apartment for 300-350 Lev in a reasonable neighborhood? Also without committing to a long contract.
Much appreciated your helpful input thank you

I think it is possible, but depends on the neighbourhood and .... the flat of course. Not sure about the contract length, but you can always terminate it with 1-2 months notice.

Also, better start your search before coming to Sofia, as it might take some time.

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