Spacious Studio Apartment Available

Hi, studio apartment available in Al-Najia Compound in Sharafiyah area, Has separate bathroom with kitchenette. Facilities include Pool area's, 24hr security, laundry, gym. The compound itself is in a nice quiet secluded area and has a European/Lebanese community.
30,000sar for the year.

Can u share with me some pictures

Hi Linz,
Can you also post your thread in Housing section with some pictures, pin point location  and communication address for you. So that it will be helpfull for you and viewers both.

how much area and rooms ?
if you have some pics

I will, I am new to this and still finding my way round. Have I posted it in the wrong place.?

Hi, will get pics over the weekend. New to this site so I'm still finding my way round but pictures will be added 😊

Let this be here and make a new thread in housing section with pics, google locaiton, available area etc... it would help in getting a better view of the posting

Hi everyone,

@ Linz Hedley, welcome to

Could you please post your advert under the required section:
- Housing in Jeddah

Thank you


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