Feeling A Bit Overwhelmed

Hi --

This would be a gigantic move for me ... I have a great career here in the States, a house, a car, a dog  LOL.  But I visited SZ just this month and feel it's the right place for the next chapter in my life.  About the only thing I have in SZ is my " better half. "  Where do I start looking for a job ?  Employment, language, work permits, it's all a bit overwhelming. 

I welcome all advice ... thanks.

-- Robert

PS: My " thing " is Human Resources/Recruitment/Payroll/Corporate Training, though in a previous life I was an Educator in a system of Private Schools.  And before that, a Radio Broadcaster and Journalist.

China can be an overwhelming place. I chose the path of exploring as much of it as possible in the few working years that remained to me, which turned into 12 as it happened. Most initial jobs come through agencies, and web-based forums. Once you get to know a few people, opportunities open up incredibly quickly. The best site that I have used is SeriousTeachers.com - for both finding jobs and hiring staff. If you register with them you will soon be overwhelmed with job opportunities. There are many others, but I would try that one first. I assume SZ is Szichuan, where I have stayed a couple of times but never worked. Every Province has its own character and idiosyncracies. I started out in a city not far from Beijing - Shijiazhuang, and made some very good friends there. In my humble opinion, the east coast is more progressive than the south or west. My last appointment was to a University in Nanjing, which boasts 63 of them, and they are always looking for suitable people at all levels. It is also a great place to live.
I hope that little bit of information helps with your venture.
Kind regards
Duncan Cole

Hi Duncan --

Many thanks for your quick and lengthy reply.  SZ = Shenzhen, but, I think your info and advice can apply to any large city in China.  I will certainly follow your tips and suggestions.  I'm returning to Shenzhen in December ( that's how much I fell in love with it, and, with someone there ! ) and this time around I hope to focus more on making connections and contacts.  Thanks again -- VERY much appreciate your reply !!

-- Robert ( currently in Miami )

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