Cost of living in oman

My husband has got a job offer from the ministry of higher education Oman with a salary package of 1700 riyals pm. No company accommodation and other benefits provided. We are a family of 5 with three school going children. Will this salary be enough for us  as we intend to save a few bucks. We currently live in India and earns a total salary of 11 lac p.a.

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Have a look at the following posts : Cost of living in Oman - 2017

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Thank you Bhavna for your kind reply. But the data is not updated... I had already gone through the post earlier.. anybody who can help me with a precise answer?

Hi Clarynse,

The figure quoted would hardly be sufficient for a family of five, with three school going children. The place of work would be of some consequence though. If it is in some interior location, then one could possibly hope to eke out a modest living. But in the interiors, the education for school going children could get derailed.

The Cost of Living topic carries a wealth of information for anyone who wants to get a good grasp of the expenses a soon-to-be-expat can expect. The details available are all still very much relevant and accurate.

Thank you very much Mr Sumitran for your reply. We shall re- think our decision to move to Oman. Thank you.

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