Insights on Finding Internship for a french language beginner

Greetings everyone,  :)

Bonjour tout a monde.
hahaha... pardon my French,  I am trying it out.

Straight to my question.
I am a very beginner in French language but I would also love to do an internship coming summer and it has been difficult to find something since I do not speak French, yet.

I am currently doing a masters in computer science for aerospace in Toulouse III (Univeriste Paul Sabatier).
I would love any insight or help to assist in my search.

I would love to remain in Toulouse or any part of France or even adventurously, any part of the world.

PLEASE HELP, good people.  ;)

Hi Vic
So, you're lucky! The language of aerospace is English, and you are in Toulouse, the aerospace capital of France!
This is not a whole lot of help, but some... I know that Rockwell-Collins has a branch in Toulouse; I used to work for the company (in the states), and I highly recommend it. The corporation likes interns; again, not sure of the Toulouse branch, but worth looking into.
Good luck!

Lol..... thank you JulieH  :D
I will definitely check it out.

Have a good day.


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