Extending tourist visa-French passport

Not sure if This is the right section to post this but I need some reliable most updated advices about visa extention In cairo.
My one month visa expired a week ago, I am meant to stay for another 2months but i am wondering if it is worth going to the Mugamma and if i will have to pay a penalty(how much penalty does anyone knows??)
Or if ifs just not worth it and I should just pay that fine upon me leaving the country in 2 mo...
Can anyone in the same situation tell me their experience please, i get so many different versions and i want to choose the least costly options obviously

Hi Noor 1983,
The best option is to pay your fine at the airport as you leave Egypt, but make sure you do not get caught by the local police cos they want to make their extra cash to pay their bills. But I know some people who over stayed their visas and paid at the airport as they were leaving.
This is the best and the easiest option unless someone else knows any better.

Hi thanks for responding. I was thinking of doing that but the issue is that before leaving i want to go to dahab and sharm.
I heard that there are checkpoints and that they require checking passport..so i dont know whats worth doing? Any idea?

If your travelling around Egypt without the visa then I would not take the risk, I would rather go and get another month or so visa for 20-30 Egyptian pounds. Rather than getting your fast heartbeats and unnecessary worry and fine on the spot. Visa is the easiest thing to obtain from Jozay (Visa office). Takes an hour or so and depends on the queues and how long you take to fill in the respective forms.
I hope this helps.

Hi Noor,
Looks Fine, i m not sure how much, It depends on their mood. But why anticipate my friend ‘ How much fine?’, 25-30 Egyptian pound = one pound sterling, 1.5 Euros - why take risk?
They ll charge u same amount at the airport too wen u leave. Jozay office, i normally go to is Hurghada cos that is where i go and spend my vacation.


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