Do and don't in Austria

Are you living in Austria? We need you to share your experience of the local customs :)

Is it difficult to adjust to the local customs in Austria?

Could you please share with us a list of the do's and don't's in Austria?


Always have a pocketful of money, lots of places don't take any form of card payment, that is slowly changing though.

When entering a shop it's always polite to greet the staff.

Don't wear birkenstocks in public, even if it is summer. They are house slippers here. Also, dont bring your own food or drink to cafes (eg. Water bottles). Do nod or say Grüß Gott to people you pass when out for a walk (when hiking or walking along a country road- busy downtown streets dont count).

Austrians in Vienna are very reserved people and pride themselves on their high levels of courtesy.  As a result, when meeting people for the first time or initially you may ask for something too early in the relationship.  Nonetheless, Austrians will accommodate you by answering "yes" to your request when the real intent is to ignore the request.

Do not be offended by this.  Austrians are very much like New Yorkers in this respect.  They take a bit of time along with their cultural traditions of formality to warm up to people.  So don't dive into relationships with Austrians too quickly.  Take the appropriate time to let it grow...

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