Malaria vaccinations

If I will be in Kenya for six months (mainly Nairobi with a few visits to Mombasa) will I need to get vaccinations for the entire six months or would I just need to get the pills for the trips to the coastal areas? Also could I get the vaccinations at the JKIA? The last time I was in Kenya it was only for a fortnight and I did not need them.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a malaria vaccination.  You would take prophylaxis in tablet form.

It's arguable that for Nairobi you may well not need them.  As the city is at an altitude of around 6000ft, the incidence of malaria tends to be lower.  Precautions such as closing doors and windows just before sunset and using a mosquito net over the bed are probably enough.  Long sleeves when you are out in the evening helps.

The risk of malaria is considerably higher at the coast and you should certainly consider taking a malaria prophylaxis when you visit Mombasa.  Prophylaxes are widely available at pharmacies in Kenya, as are medication to take if the onset of malaria is suspected.  Bear in mind that malaria imitates other illnesses in the early stages and can come on ip to several weeks to months after being infected.

Avoid Mefloquine (Lariam).  Its effective, but carries a significant risk of some nasty side effects.

Last year when I was in Tanzania I did take malaria pills during the two weeks there but most of my time was in Zanzibar. So I see it would be the same with Mombasa. Thanks so much L!

Yes, I agree.  But you only need to take them when planning a trip there.  The side effects of taking malaria prophylaxes for a long stay mean that they are only really appropriate for vacation my opinion!

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