Adult Tennis Clinic Classes


My name is Ash - director of Spin & Slice tennis.

If you are looking to get involved in tennis in the city - we have the following options for you.

1. Beginner Adult Tennis Clinic - This is a special clinic for those who are new to the sport and have very little tennis background, but would like to begin their tennis journey.
Players can feel comfortable learning and playing with fellow beginners. The primary focus is on developing the right techniques of each stroke. Sessions will include learning footwork and efficient movement on the court. - 75 minutes each session.

2. Intermediate Adult Tennis Clinic - This clinic is for those who have some experience in tennis and would like to improve their game with other players of a similar level, and to make new tennis friends for future hits. Our coaches run a variety of different drills and activities for each day of the week to make the clinic fun and challenging. All clinic sessions start with a 15 to 20-minute warm-up for players to get their blood flowing and warm-up their strokes, as well as for coaches to gauge the level of each player and observe which areas or skills need improvement. The rest of the clinic session, the coaches will train the players on different aspect of their game depending on the weekly schedule.

3. Cardio Tennis - Cardio Tennis is a group class where tennis is combined with an emphasis on movement and running to burn more calories on the court. Music is played in the background create a lively atmosphere where players are encouraged to push their limit, have fun and get the most out of the class in terms of cardio fitness. Cones and targets are placed on the courts for players to practice their shot placement and target hitting skills. Our coaches will always be present on court to ensure a fun but challenging environment for all players. This unique class is a popular pick and a must-try for those who enjoy a good sweat on the court!

We have other classes such as a doubles clinic, consistency class, social tennis night (tennis and dinner), etc.

Please let us know if you are interested by emailing spinandslice[at]

See you on the courts!
Ash :)

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