3 months cooling period

Hi hope someone can answer my question.

1. After working for 3 years in malaysia can I still comeback to the same company after 3 months cooling period? by the way my visa is FWCMS

That's the rule - 3 months' cooling.

Thank you Gravitas so it means i can comeback again to work in the same company after 3 years..

But how about the visa? do I need again to wait for a new VDR while in the cooling period to be stamp again in my passport in the philippines so that i can enter again malaysia or no need for a new visa?

New visa and VDR required.

Hi, hoping to get some advise.
I resigned from my company last year. I am an expat and this time I am being hired by the same company for a different position.
I was never hired by any other company in Malaysia so my last employer was my company last year.
Will the 3 months cooling period still be applicable?

Hopefully you got your work permit cancelled so it was clear you no longer worked for the company (or the EP has now expired). There is a cooling off period for foreign workers after 3 continuous EPs. There is also a cooling off period for professional pass holders in category III after 3 continuous EPs or if going to work for a different company within that 3 year period and remaining on a category III pass.

Thank you Gravitas.
I only worked for the company for 2 years and yes my visa was cancelled properly.
I was on CAT II at the time.

Same company is hiring me for a different position.

Will the cooling period still apply?


by the way is their a maximum years can a expat can work in malaysia? like 10 years or more.. is theirs a limit?

For Foreign Workers there is a maximum age, I seem to recall.

Just checked
"Age of not less than 18 years and not more than 45 years at the time of application"


I see so it means if you work in one company for almost 10 years and you reach the age of 45 you can't no more continue to work and exit now the malaysia? I hope the company may give retirement pay,,haha

Companies are not obliged to help with pension savings (EPF) for FWs and rarely do they arrange it for PP holders either. I think SOCSO is only available for locals and their spouses.

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