Contractors, Living Space, and the Mysteries of Life

Hello everyone, this looks like an excellent place for me to start trying to figure my way around Male' and The Maldives.

Opening a new managed business along with a Taiwanese partner. Located on Male' and due for launch in early 2018.

We are looking for two things as priority:
1. Trusted and reputable building & renovation contractor.
2. Accommodation (longterm, at least one year with rolling option) - three bedroom ideally; NOT on Male' but preferably on Vilingili or one of the other close-by smaller islands. Could consider Hulhumale as well.

I'm staying on Male' for a few days this week... sending this intro from Champa Central Hotel. Flying out on Thursday evening (26 Oct) so would be delighted to hear from or even see anyone with suggestions on either of the above two points - or indeed just to make a relevant and pleasant new acquaintance to share a few tips with me on local living.

I posted this in the "New Members 2017" thread but as it is already fairly weighty with posts and replies, I'm also opening it here as a duplicate new thread. Reply via either thread posting, or Private Message me. (Please do note that I won't reply to any lewd, inappropriate, irrelevant/vague or simply bizarre PMs. Life is just too short).

Many thanks!


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