Saudi council Eng registration

Hello everyone,
I am working as Electrical foreman but the profession on my iqama is حاسب کمیات (Hasib kamiyaat) which is definitely not my field.
Today I received an email from HR that you have to register with soudi Eng association otherwise we won’t be able to renew your iqama and you will have to go back.
Now i have some questions regarding registration, what I heard that saudi council is not accepting B.Tech which is my highest degree..!
Secondly  this company hired me on diploma basis during visa processing and documentation i have submitted only my diploma attested by saudi and uae embassy.
My concern is shall I change my profession on iqama or i have to register with Saudi council which is not possible for associat Engs i guess??
Please answer in detail and guide me as soon as possible.

You apply as usual & submit document as you have. Select a prfession from SCE system drop down menu. SCE shall correct your profession based on document you submit. After SCE process is complete , your Iqama will be renewed as present . You have the choice to change profession on iqama later.
Good luck don't worry. I am coordinating in my office the process of SCE for my colleagues.
I wrote above based on 5 different cases in my office I handled.
It is  not my job. I am engineering manager but just helping my colleagues

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