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Hi, I am a new member and hope someone can help. My daughter ( age 19) has just moved to Bologna and plans to be there until next summer. As yet, she/we don't speak much Italian and she is really struggling to find somewhere to live, despite being told that it would be easy once she arrived. Ideally, she needs something central, furnished and with a short term contract. She is looking with a friend, and maybe a couple of others in the same position. Her situation is a little unusual inasmuch as she isn't working but isn't a student either. She has looked at airbnb type places and is using one now but this is quite an expensive option. She has had no luck with agents and people who advertise on the accommodation websites are not even replying to her messages. She has been told that people prefer to rent to Italians, but I don't know if that is true or whether she has just been unlucky!
I know this is a long shot but if anyone has any suggestions that might help, I would be really grateful! Many thanks.

Until others respond with suggestions, you might drop an ad or search in the HOUSING section, which includes a flatsharing section also.  It's free.

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It's true, it's very difficult to find accommodation in Bologna. I'm English, and I got mine through a friend of a friend - I was lucky. So my suggestion would be for your daughter to make as many contacts as possible, English or Italian, and to tell them that she is looking for accommodation. Word of mouth is everything here. Good luck!

Thank you. She is trying to get the word out but I guess this takes time when you first arrive. I'm sure she will find something eventually but we were hoping it would be easier!

Thanks Romaniac. I'll look at posting a message but did have a look at the housing section and it doesn't seem that well used! Worth a try, though!

Yes she will definitely find something, it will just take a bit of time. I also found the websites to be quite useless, for the same reasons. Is she a member of Inter Nations for Bologna? People often advertise on there, or she can advertise.

It is good to come across someone who understands the frustration! I haven't heard of Inter Nations so will have a look, thank you.


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