Residence Visa Application Update

Good day everyone!

I'm just new here in this forum and I read about your topics about Residence Visa in Sweden and those are very useful that's why I signed up.😊

BTW, I'm currently an Au pair here in Denmark and planning to move in Sweden afterwards with my boyfriend. My au pair visa will end September 2018.

My questions are: 1. can we apply for my residence visa even if I'm still here in Denmark? We are planning to apply online this coming December. 2. Can I still stay in Denmark while my application is open?

I hope you could give me insights about how the visa is done. Thank you very much in advance? More powers 😊

Hi..  if you are planning to apply  residence permit in must do it in your country of origin.. meaning the country where you came from... you can search all the rules in google.  Im planning to apply residence permit in sweden too next year my husband is swedish..   goodluck to us..😊

Hello, thank you po for your reply. I see, so i really should have go back to Philippines and do the application.  I already looked into how it is done but it is not clearly specified. Thank you for you insights and good luck also on your application! :)

As per above response, I also read about this one:

"You must apply for a residence permit before you enter Sweden. You must submit your application to a Visa Chancellery of a Swedish Embassy or a Swedish Consulate in the country you are residing or to a Visa Chancellery of a Swedish embassy close to you."

That's why i thought it is fine to apply residence visa while im still here in denmark :). Now, Im in doubt hehe.

Could you call Migrationsverket and ask?

If you're allowed to apply from Denmark and do it now, instead of going back to the Philippines I would do it.

Maybe call Migrationsverket twice to be safe to make sure their answers match (sometimes when I call them, they contradict each other)

Hi, thank you for your message. Yeah, I already called Swedish Immigration and they said there will be no problem. We are planning to apply by December this year, so I hope everything will go out good. 😊

How did you get their number?

I searched in their website.

Thank you

I guess,you dont need to apply from the Phil since you have a valid residence in Denmark,You  can just maybe pass your application personally in any Swedish immigration representative in Sweden,or in any embassy consulate around Schengen area.
Or maybe you can just apply online and choose Berlin as the venue for your interview.
It less more hassle to apply from Schengen area since it is more easier to travel to Sweden or Berlin to do your biometrics rather than flying to Bangkok from the Philippines.
I suggest that you should apply as early as possible while you still have a valid visa to travel around Schengen.

hi every one im new here i want to ask about applying a residence permit to sweden together with my legitimate son.and i have filled annulment case and soon will have the final cert.  he is minor now i  look forward to hear guidelines for applying the permit mostly concern about my son. and which is more faster approval if getting  married in phils or applying for fiance and get married in sweden.

looking forward to hear from you.. thanks

Hi you all I have just done my interview on Tuesday ..and they took my question is do they do this the same day as the interview ?was thinking biometrics are done after they made their decision .please any reply would be great

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