Changing residential address

Hello Guys,
I live in Brasilia and I have recently got my resident (Protocol to work and RNE) cards after marrying a Brazilian. After that I have moved to another place in Brasilia. I believe police do verification time to time. So I need to update my current residential address.

Is there any online link where I can update or I have to go personally and update with Policia Federal? I could not find how to update the new address and what are the procedures for that.

If someone can guide me on that part, it will be helpful.

Thank you!

You need to do it ay PF. I understand it is very simple to do. As far as paying you visits to verify after 4 years I have yet to get a visit.


Thank you @jland912 , haha I hope it can stop for you after 4 years now. It seems that we are in Jail and someone is visiting us all the time. LOL

Hi Saurabh

Please note that what jland has stated is that no one has ever visited his house for an inspection.

That only happens when you apply for your citizenship. 



I´ve been here years and no visit by PF.

You have to be careful only when you renew your RNE (after 10 years). The address that you stated when you applied should be consistent with your present address. Otherwise notify them of your address change prior to renewing your RNE.

There´s a fine if they find you NOT notifying them of EVERY change of address!


Stanza, Thank you! for clarification.

Robal, I did not know there is fine if I do not notify them for change of address. So every time I move around I need to go and update them with change and give them proof. I wish it could be simple submitting something online. Thank you though for more information on it. I am trying to go this week and update more here.


They give you 60 to 90 days to update your address.  Even if you cross that time you still have a chance to update it.

Just goto Policia Federal with your new proof of address and fill up the paper.

They will give you a Protocolo on the spot and it usually takes them about 3 days to update the information



Don´t forget to bring your electricity or water bill to prove your current address. A
contract stating your residential lease could also be a proof if you haven´t received
you water or electricity bill yet...


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